60th PAP Annual Convention (2024)

September 26-28 2024

If ever you put a different email as your email reference, kindly send us an email at papconvention@gmail.com stating this.

The options for payment are either Paypal or Dragonpay. Each procedure will have their own set of instructions that will be shown as you decide on a payment option. Please go to this link for further instructions: https://www.papcon.pap.ph/

Registration is non-refundable, however you may pass them on to others who wish to attend the event. You need to coordinate with the PAP Secretariat for the changes of the registration for another assignment.

Please check your Spam folder for an email. If there is still no email within the day, please send us an email at _ papconvention@gmail.com with proof of your payment.

The previous transaction will be considered void and you will have to create a new transaction.

Certificate of attendance will only be issued to those participants who have registered and attended the face to face

PAPCON 2024 ( September 26-28, 2024) and to those who will answer the evaluation form. Visit: https://www.papcon.pap.ph/

List of paper presentations will be posted in September 2024 and will see at the Program. Visit: https://www.papcon.pap.ph/